Monday, 17 April 2017

Hot Shots: #8 - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire

Probably the most well-known of my selections so far, but having talked about Arthur Brown at some length in my last review it seems churlish not to turn the spotlight onto him for a moment. I've seen Alice Cooper, KISS, Ghost - you name it, if they paint their faces and rock out, I'm into it - but way back in 1968 there was Arthur Brown, a man who I now see strolling the twittens of Lewes from time to time.

You couldn't exactly call Brown a rocker, though; his career has been far too varied to pigeonhole him as such, taking in performance, art and poetry as well as music. However, this dark, Doorsy dose of psychedelia (and the accompanying visuals) has been a touchstone for many. I once had the privilege of seeing Alice Cooper and Arthur Brown duet on 'Fire' on Halloween and almost died because it was too spooky for me.

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