Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Hot Shots: #4 - Glenn & Chris (aka Hoddle & Waddle) - Diamond Lights

The track record of sportspeople stepping into the studio has not been a glittering one. The problem is that for the most part the folk involved are good at kicking a ball or running fast, but not creating enduring art. That's why we have 'The Anfield Rap', Muhammad Ali's pedestrian version of 'Stand By Me' and Gazza's desecration of Lindisfarne's 'Fog On The Tyne'. That's why 'Outstanding', by Andy Cole, was shit.

But look, here's an exception - the unjustly maligned 'Diamond Lights' by England international footballers (and Spurs teammates) Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle. It's baffling as to why this is party to so much ridicule - yes, they're footballers, and its doubtful they served in the electro-trenches early doors with Five Times Of Dust or Cultural Amnesia - but it's not a bad song. If it was Tears For Fears, Visage or Depeche Mode, it would be considered a minor classic of industrial post-new wave.

Besides, despite his Chelsea connections Hoddle is a Hayes lad, and I would follow him into Hell - except that he believes in reincarnation, we'd both be coming back as grasshoppers or goats or something.

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